Stucco and Siding Repair

Siding develops cracks and holes over time because of environmental factors and foundation settling. Once an imperfection has formed, it’s important to seal it so water doesn’t get in and cause more serious damage. APT Maintenance offers stucco and siding repair services to protect your property and its longevity.

siding repair


Framing a wall requires diligence and engineering, and should not be created hastily. Framing designs the rooms’ entire layout, and should take lighting, environment, sound barriers, and more into account. At APT Maintenance, our framing experts will work with you to create frames that make the most sense for your and your residents’ needs.

wall framing


Our APT Maintenance flooring experts are proficient in repairing and installing laminate, cement, terrazzo, stone, hardwood, vinyl, tile, carpet, and brick flooring.



APT Maintenance provides interior painting services for buildings of all sizes. We work with long-lasting paint and sealants to minimize your overall costs down the line. Our painting experts can match colors that are complementary to your environment and needs.


Carpentry—Rough and Finish

Our carpentry services include rough carpentry to frame the building, construct walls and floors, as well as finish carpentry to install baseboards, stairs, windows, crown molding, and much more. Our carpentry services always meet building codes and engineering specs.


Drywall Repair/Replacement

Repairing and replacing drywall is more than just patching a hole in the wall. We take into mind acoustics, fire safety, framing, rain screens, and much more. We work with a variety of plasters and materials to make your drywall repair quick and effective.

drywall repair

Window Replacement

Our APT window specialists can replace windows of any size or materials, and will work with you to find the ideal windows for your building. Properly installing ENERGY STAR windows can end up saving you and your tenants hundreds of dollars a year through lower energy bills.

window replacement

Earthquake Retrofitting

In the Bay Area, we know all too well how important earthquake retrofitting is for homes and buildings. If a building is displaced from its foundation, it could be disastrous. Retrofitting your buildings will protect your property and your tenants’ safety. APT Maintenance provides earthquake retrofitting consultation and construction services to buildings of all sizes.

Retaining Walls

Properly constructed retaining walls are important for properties that experience a significant amount of rain or run-off, or have a sloping yard. APT Maintenance has experts on staff that specialize in gravity, cantilevered, bore piled, sheet pile, and anchored retaining walls. We will work with you to find the most effective and long-lasting retaining wall for your needs and property.

retaining walls

Full Bathroom Remodel

An elegant, yet simple bathroom is always a classic. We offer full bathroom remodel services that include bathtubs, showers, toilets, plumbing, sinks, cabinets, mirrors, painting, flooring, trim, crown molding, and much more. Turn your aged and neglected bathrooms into beautiful spa haven to increase your property value.

bathroom remodel